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Happy Birthday to the DOPE pianist! [Aug. 8th, 2008|12:00 am]



A very nice/strict/funny/etc etc BROTHER indeeeeeeeeeeed.


& No one can ever compare our love for you!


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BestFriend? [Aug. 4th, 2008|02:53 am]

You are the best sister.
Thanks for helping me.
Thanks for not giving up.
Thanks for understanding me.
Thanks for being always there for me.
Thanks for your care and concern.
Thanks for teaching me your choreo.
It just made me look sexier/bitchy/bimbotic(in a good way of course).
Thank you for everything.
I love you.

CFG Rehearsal equates to :D
Brother was dope in the PIANOOOOO.

Dance was messy but still,
so much BETTER.

So all in all, yes, still quite satisfied.

I thought that I could actually not let this matter affect me.
But I was so wrong.
Cause afterall, I thought we were best friend.
But you proved me wrong.
Thank you for showing me that best friend could not be trusted.
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Toooooooooooooo _ _ _ _ [Aug. 2nd, 2008|01:02 am]
I've decided not to think about this anymore.
More and more people are leaving this world.
And I don't want to regret next time. 
I'll treasure all my friends.
& Now the choice is yours.

Another lesson learnt : Never get too close to anyone for they will hurt you and you stupidly get so angry, affecting your mood.

I think I'm too stupid to always let this things to affect me.

Well, you may think that I'm very petty. But whatever, I don't give a fooking damn because I'm so sick of all this stuffs already. Not only I feel that you change even an outsider can feel it too. Tell me, am I really totally wrong now? I maybe wrong. And yes, sorry then. 
Please don't tell me you still feel the same way. Take ** for example, if I didn't tell * and * didn't tell you, will you still put the **? Please don't give the fooking excuse that you forgotten or what so ever crap. Because even an IQ 20 person won't believe you, what's more me? Not that my IQ is very high, but definitely  higher than 20. 

If you think you are the one I'm referring to, that means you have a guilty conscience. So reflect and  I'll refect on myself too.

I won't trust you and you again. I'm sorry.
I really hope things will work out. 
But frankly speaking, I have very little confidence now.
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No Title to display...... [Jul. 31st, 2008|03:53 am]

Monday blue. But blue is nice, so it is not a bad thing. But if I said Monday pink, something is really wrong. Haha. 

Anyway, Saturday was the last lesson for Hiphop II. That's like F.A.S.T. Oh, I was so tired that day and woohoo, I slept at Oschool. Okay, I don't want to say much. 
Skip next part : Hiphop III in two more weeks. NRA Camp in four more weeks. HMS Leadership Camp ( if I'm going ) in eight more weeks. CFG in five more weeks and more more more. Holidays holidays, oh I love you so. Haha.

Okay school on Monday was basically slack. Lecture for two hours = not paying attention, eating and taking photos. Omg, why am I such a inattentive child? So after lecture, lunch-ed at S.I.M. And off to the library where we decided to discuss out project. But but but, yes I slept. On the bean bag of course (even though I am still able to sleep on the floor x] ). Okay soooooo, I slept till 3 heh. 2 hours. I.Can't.Believe.I.Actually.Slept.In.The.School.Library. Hahaha. 

Tuesday was a long BUT happy day.............

AND TODAY (THURSDAY) IS GONNA BE THE LAST DAY OF ATTACHMENT. ARGHHHHH. I AM SO SAD. I WILL MISS THEM LIKE A LOT A LOT. SIGH. But luckily, banana 2 is gonna stay back with me at the centre. Haha. 
I need to wake up at 7+ and here I am still happily updating. I neeeeeeeeeeeeeed sleep. But assignments are still waiting for me impatiently in my computer. Well done.

Trust is so important that I don't know how to handle it.

I don't know who to trust.
I don't know how to trust.
I don't know what to do with trust.

Trust; Ever wonder what we will be without that?
Tell me, who should I trust now.

Maybe you.

We aren't that close anymore if you even realise :(
Why must things go this way?
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Excessive work to be done. [Jul. 24th, 2008|02:55 am]
[Current Mood |groggygroggy]

There are seriously hellllll loads of assignments to complete in such a short period. *pulls hair.  Whoever says that poly life is relax is soooooo damn wrong. Assignments assignnments, you suck to the core! >:(  Can't wait for the holidays! 2 months of holiday without any assignment is like a LUXURY :D Hahaha.

Anyway I have a lot of pictures to upload : ) 
So enough said, and pictures up.

Assignment have not done, test not studied, due date coming soon. I'm so dead. 
Deprived of sleep yet again. Sigh.
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The fervent passion for DANCE [Jul. 15th, 2008|02:06 am]
[Current Mood |restlessrestless]

The more I dance, the more I feel the passion.
Do you?
Live with a dancing spirit. The stars in the heavens are dancing through space, the Earth never ceases to spin. All life is dancing; the trees with the wind, the waves on the sea, the birds, the fish, all performing their own dance of life. Every living thing is dancing, and you must keep dancing too, for the rest of your life   - DAISAKU IKEDA

Meet-up with Zhuhui on Friday was great. Even though we haven't been meeting, we still talk A LOT(surprisingly). I thought we will be feeling damn awkward because we haven't been seeing each other for a long time. But, we talk from 5.30-7.30. Amazing aight :) But Friday wasn't exactly a great day for me. Sigh, shan't talk about it.

Dance on Saturday at Oschool was fun as usual :) 
Dance on Sunday = Awesome! Learning new things makes me feel very motivated.
Okay pictures up.

I really wanna post more pictures on my attachment because I really have a lot of pictures which will make you go "AWWW SO CUTE".
But tooooooooooooooooo bad, I have to abide the rules. Right, Sijia?

Tell me what am I supposed to do, who am I supposed to trust, how am I going to handle the situation, anyone? I'm feeling lost yet again.

School starting at 8 tomorrow, which means waking up at 5. Deprived of sleep yet again. 
Fortunately there was no school today, and I finally get to sleep-in. LIKE REALLY FINALLY!
But I'm feeling so guilty, I was supposed to study, since it was white space week.
(which means to study by your own) But apparently, I didn't AT ALL.
NRA on Wednesday with Christine! YAY :D 

Kay going off for more video-watching. Toodles.
I really don't understand what you're thinking at all.Is like you blame me/us on everything. But seriously, have you ever reflect on yourselves? I admit that this friendship is haywired partly because of me and I'm really apologetic about that, but hello? don't you know that it actually takes 2 hands to clap? I really don't dislike you. In fact if there is any more chance where our friendship could be salvaged i would defnitely treasure the opportunity. But that is only when your character has change for the better. If not, please, I'll just ignore you for the rest of my life, because I don't think you are worth my tears nor my time. You have disappoint me over and over again.

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Can I trust what you say? [Jul. 7th, 2008|12:23 am]
[Current Mood |lethargiclethargic]


Time for me to STUDY. More tests and assignments up. Sigh, poly life is so different. And I have school, on Youth day! I don't understand why they can't let us rest also. Primary school, secondary school, JC and even ITE have holidays, why poly must be the exception :(
This is sooooooo unfair. Sigh.

I'm so tired. I haven't been sleeping well. How? 
I haven't been revising my work. How?
I haven't done what I intended to do. How?
Seriously, I don't know what's wrong with me..
I have the oh-so-typical female mood swings.
This is the only time where my feminine genes appear. 
If not, you will be seeing the unglam, clumsy side of me.

Okay, I shall stop all this fooking nonsense because it is getting nowhere.

So, anyway after MILKrun, we went to dance. Long bus rides=sleeping session. So when we reached our destination, I just closed my eyes, held onto my sister and walk. Yes, I'm very tired indeeeeeeeeeed. But anyhow, after experimenting our shirts with sister, I felt more awake. Anyway, experimenting means to play with our shirt, cause we had this inspiration from Magnum force and thus we decided to fold our shirt, but we didn't know how to. Aiyah anyway, a lot of stuffs happened lah kay. I'm so lazy to elaborate as usual.

I don't know what's the point of this LJ when I can't say stuffs that I want to. Sigh.

thanksfor ___________________ andnotme.youreindeedsuchanicepersonthaticantstandit.wtf.iamsosad/pissed.why.
Thanks for all the lies that I'm your oh-so-good friend, when you aren't telling me anything.
Kay bye.

I FINALLY TALK ON THE PHONE WITH MY TWO BEST FRIENDS :D AND I AM SO FREAKING HAPPY ABOUT IT. I told them about K*-look alike, and I think it is really him. Hahaha. Hey darlings, we really need to meet up soon. You know I really love you two sooooo much. Our friendship is so far the most stable among all. So please please, we need to meet up soon and talk. I really miss you all badly. Much love!! <3

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I really need you in my life, [Jul. 4th, 2008|11:07 pm]
[Current Mood |irritatedirritated]

Apparently I'm feeling very angry now. I know why, but yet I think I don't know why. If you don't like a person, what for talk so nicely to him/her and give that person a false hope? I mean is like yes, you do feel very happy when people likes/ admires you and stuffs like that, maybe your personality is really way too easy-going that you don't mind flirting with other guys/girls. But come on, if you wanna keep doing this, stop complaining that this person is such a bother to you, or bad stuffs about that person. Argh, this matter has nothing got to do with me actually. But seriously, I just don't know why am I so freaking bothered about this.

Anyway, today is just not my day. 
1st, I happily brought my laptop without my battery and adapter. Like how the hell am I gonna use my laptop like that. And mind you, it is a 3 hours tutorial. Thank goodness there's Rachael and Phanida, if not I'll just die on the spot. 
2nd, during IT lesson, many things cock-up(yes, as usual). But practical test is coming soon and cock-ups still appear like so often. Shucks, I think I will fail my test. Ahhh.
3rd, I don't know why, I just feel that things aren't going the right way. Yes, I know I think too much. But trust me, sooner or later, I think I will find myself going MIA during **.

Ah I'm dying. But I know many people are there for me, thanks. This keeps me going and going.


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